Changes for Arapahoe Charter School

Published: Jul. 31, 2019 at 9:03 PM EDT
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A charter school here in the east has made some major changes to the way the school will operate for the upcoming year, and they are hoping it will give their students more continuity throughout the school.

Instead of having just one principal or director, Arapahoe Charter School in Pamlico County will have three people heading up the K-12 school.

The board of directors recently announced the switch, adding to its executive director position, an upper school director and a lower school director.

Administrators say they hope this gives students a more cohesive learning environment and connects all of the grade levels and gives students better access to the school's leaders.

Julie Edwards, Lower School Director says, "You know when we're all working together and we're all on the same page we address issues and student concerns, academic concerns in a timely manner so that we can meet the needs of those children more quickly and more adequately."

Another new change for the school is the addition of a breakfast and lunch program that will be free to every one of its students.

Arapahoe Charter School students will head back to the classroom on August 12th.