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Local Attorney Making a Difference in Our Communities

We are excited to feature our September winner of Eastern NC Cares brought to you by Brian Ricci of the Ricci Law Firm. Our winner is HeARToscope.

HeARToscope is a nonprofit agency that uses art as a tool for social justice and provides underserved communities the opportunity to be exposed to the arts cultures. Underserved communities are plagued with poverty, trauma, and alienation. This creates a socially toxic environment. This threatens residents’ well-being, survival, and loss of faith in the possibilities that await them. Outcomes for children who grow up in these communities include education failure, depression and other mental illnesses, poverty, incarceration, drug, and alcohol addiction and even early death. Art is a tool that has been used as a component of recovery from traumatic stress and to reassert a sense of hope, which is needed in these communities. HeARToscope is proud to be a resource in ENC.

HeARToscope CEO, Deborah Sheppard, who has degrees in psychology and sociology and is certified as a therapeutic art life coach, advocates for education, creativity, and healing. The organization has a lot of upcoming projects and will be hosting HeART Pop-Ups in the West Greenville area. These Pop-Ups are a way for this community to gain exposure to the arts and will include mini art festivals, art exhibitions, arts and crafts workshops, mini-concerts and more. Donating to HeARToscope creates more opportunities for the arts in West Greenville and beyond while allowing a safe place to create for children.

Visit HeARToscope to learn more on how you can join the Ricci Law Firm to help support this nonprofit organization or donate today!

Eastern NC is a wonderful community and there are a lot of great people and organizations working to make a difference in Eastern NC. We all know it takes everyone pulling together to make a difference in our community. At Ricci Law Firm the legal team is not only dedicated to giving back to their clients but giving back to the community above all else. Brian Ricci and his team are committed to participating in various community events and organizations, through means of leading, volunteering, donating, and sponsorship.

The Ricci Law Firm is bringing a special initiative to Eastern NC called Eastern NC Cares. Each month the Ricci Law Firm will recognize people and organizations that are giving back to Eastern NC and helping to make a difference.

Brian says, “I love Eastern North Carolina and all the wonderful people that care for others in our area. That is why we’re proud to support those people and organizations with Eastern NC Cares.”

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