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NBC News Headlines

Drug makers say they'll point to price in ads

The Trump administration is pushing a fuller requirement that companies disclose prices in all ads.

Elderly nun among nearly dozen killed in heavy flooding in France

Officials said an 88-year-old nun in Villardonnel, France locked herself in a room because she thought she would be safe there "but the water burst in."

After leaving Venezuela, migrants face tough times abroad

Venezuela's mass migration, one of the biggest ones ever, is weighing on Colombia, Ecuador and Peru — consequently reducing entry for Venezuelan migrants.

Polish police use tear gas to protect gay rights march

Right-wing extremists tried to block the first LGBTQ equality parade in the Polish city of Lublin over the weekend.

'No laughing matter': Police probe Savannah war statue prank

Authorities in Savannah, Georgia, said they are treating the matter as a trespassing incident: "Harming our historic monuments ... is no laughing matter."