Military community braces for Ukraine deployments

Military community braces for Ukraine deployments
Published: Feb. 25, 2022 at 7:56 PM EST
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JACKSONVILLE, N.C. (WITN) - Military families are bracing for the possibility of their family members being deployed to Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion of the eastern European country.

Spouses of deployed service members say they fear the unknown.

“We don’t know... we don’t know. And I just have to trust that maybe he’ll be allowed to explain some of it later on,” Erica Covey said.

Covey is the wife of a Marine who has been deployed across Europe for several months. She says her husband was deployed on different orders but is now on standby to assist in the Ukraine conflict.

Families of deployed government contractors also weighed in on the stresses that come from deployment.

“When everything did go bad with Afghanistan, he was right smack out in the middle of everything,” Bobbi Cohen said. “Because every single plane that left came through the embassy for the most part. He does keep some of it from me.”

Cohen’s husband is deployed to the US Embassy in Baghdad on a government contract to train military service dogs.

Spouses say the active and retired military community in Onslow County helps them weather the storms.

“If your spouse is deployed... is preparing to possibly be deployed, remember that our circle and our lifestyle is unique,” Covey said.

Tricia Dyals, the creator of Daddy Dolls, pillows with full-body images of service members for their families, says she created her business for times like this.

“Us being in a military community, it’s there, it’s very prominent,” Dyals said. “And when one feels that, we all feel it. And this community is very nervous and scared and worried, you know, of who’s going and what’s going to happen. And it’s just a scary time for all of us.”

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