ECU's millennial campus continues despite Coronavirus bite into economy

Published: Mar. 31, 2020 at 9:57 PM EDT
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A piece of Greenville's history will soon be transformed into a hub for innovation. That's according to Merrill Flood, the Director of ECU's Millennial Campus Planning and Community Engagement.

ECU's Life Sciences and Bio-Technology Building is the first phase of many plans the university has for its new Millennial Campus.

“We know that the facilities themselves and their location is going to be really important. So Uptown needs to be vibrant, it needs to be colorful, lively and attractive,” said Ron Mitchelson, ECU's Interim Chancellor.

Mitchelson said these plans are important in order to attract people from all over.

“Industries or businesses that want to engage or collaborate with the university would have the opportunity to collaborate, but also save this historic asset of Greenville, and create new innovation and technology space,” said Flood.

The money for the projects comes from developers. Flood said they're attracted to these projects because of location. "Without private investment, these projects don't happen," Flood said.

The two buildings are only the start of ECU's master plan. Leaders plan to put a purple and gold themed hotel in the middle of Uptown Greenville.

“People want an uptown kind of hotel, it's missing so I think this addition is really, really important,” Mitchelson said.

Mitchelson said he does not think COVID-19 pandemic will put plans on hold, and thinks the economy will be better when the warehouse project begins.