Want your speeding ticket reduced? You could do that now online

RALEIGH, NC (WITN) - Long lines at traffic court could become a thing of the past as the state now allows speeders to get their tickets lowered online.

The North Carolina Court System announced the launch of the new statewide program today.

If you get a ticket between 10 and 19 miles per hour over the posted speed limit, and you were not driving over 80 mph, you can go online and see if the district attorney will reduce the charge to nine miles over or improper equipment.

The request must be made at least a week before the person's court date and the fine must be paid online by 5:00 p.m. of the court date. If the offender doesn't accept the offer of reduction, or the D.A. denies the request, they must appear in court on their court date.

The system has been in test mode since this summer in five counties, with 323 reductions requested and 273 reductions offered.

State officials say the new system will mean less paperwork for court clerks and district attorneys, and shorter lines at traffic courts across the state.

Some people we talked with seem to like the program. Brianna Thomas of Jacksonville says, "It's like a long process to stand in line, wait for your court date, all of that. Sometimes you're in and out in two seconds, and that's like a huge waste of time. You could've spent that two seconds online."

Traffic attorney Davidson Myers says there are some risks. "Insurance premiums will go up if you plea to reduced charges. Additionally if there's too many, you could have a revocation of your drivers license."

So far, no D.A.'s in eastern Carolina have approved the service yet.

To access the new system, you can click on this link.