D.A. Kimberly Robb prepares to leave after two decades as a prosecutor

Published: Dec. 5, 2018 at 8:05 PM EST
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For the past 26 years Kimberly Robb's professional home has been inside the Pitt County Court House, but now she's preparing to vacate the space as this part of her career ends December 31st.

Robb has served in the District Attorney's office since the 1990's when she was first hired and until Wednesday, it's where she has served as the elected District Attorney for the past six years.

"Law enforcement has always been something that is dear to my heart," Robb told WITN in an interview, reflecting on her career, "I feel really strongly about right and wrong and following the law, so it was kind of a natural fit."

In her more than two decades with the D.A.'s office, Robb has worked on countless cases including several high profile ones.

"Certainly as the D.A., the Hustle Mart trials and getting the capital murder charge for Antwon Anthony was very important, the Walmart shooter as well, getting him effectively a life sentence, I think that was a very important point during my six years," she said.

Robb initially started her career tackling the issue of child abuse, but during her time as District Attorney, she says she's found combating gang violence to be rewarding work, adding, "I have really enjoyed that, we had a great team put together that really focused on violent crime and the gang issues related to those. That was very fun, I enjoyed that because you really feel like you're doing something to help the community in a big way."

While leaving it all behind has been tough, Robb says she's ready for a new opportunity and hopes her legacy is that of a district attorney who was tough on crime and made a difference.

"I know this is the right time, I mean I left as I'm the president of the conference of the D.A.'s, and we just got that last capital verdict, and I'm kind of leaving at the top of my game. And that was important to me," she said.

As for what is next in her career, Robb says she's not quite sure what she will do at this moment but has been exploring new options. She said she believes that her career as a public servant isn't over forever.

This past November Robb did run on the Republican ticket for State Senate District 5 but lost that election to incumbent Senator Don Davis. ​