Wife of Greenville bus driver with COVID-19 expresses frustration at city

Published: Apr. 14, 2020 at 9:52 PM EDT
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The wife of a city bus driver in Greenville is expressing anger and frustration after her husband tested positive for coronavirus.

The GREAT bus driver employee tested positive for COVID-19 after showing symptoms this past weekend, the city said.

The wife of the positive coronavirus patient does not want her or her husband's name to be known, but says her husband started showing symptoms a week before his results came back positive.

She said her husband worked on a bus that did not have working air conditioning.

“He basically ran that whole day with no air conditioning on the bus, passengers coughing, passengers sick. The next day on Tuesday he woke up with a massive headache. "I'm an angry wife. And I feel like they did not protect my husband. They are not protecting any of the other drivers," the wife said.

Her husband went to the doctor and the test results came back positive for COVID-19, something his wife said could've been avoided.

“They were not provided with masks. My husband asked for masks. They were given Lysol and were told to Lysol the bus every hour,” his wife said.

Greenville Public Information Officer Brock Letchworth says the city has no way of knowing if the driver caught the coronavirus from work or not. “We’re not health experts but we don’t expect that there should be any kind of issue in terms of spread. Certainly can’t hurt to monitor how you’re feeling. Public transit is a tricky thing. It’s obviously a place where people are on and off. Different people, 150-200 people a day or so are served by route six. But at the same time it’s also necessary for the community because a lot of people really rely on that.”

The wife said she's just sad and disappointed with the situation that she believes could have been avoided.

Letchworth said the City provided masks to transit drivers after recently learning that the CDC was recommending their use.

He said that all drivers were provided with N-95 masks on Thursday with the new requirement to wear them.

“I can assure you that we value the health and safety of all employees, and we will continue to make accommodations to ensure that safety while providing city services to the greatest extent possible,” Letchworth said.

The employee drove bus route 6 from Monday to Thursday of last week.

He is now home isolating.

If you were a passenger on the bus during that time, the city asks that you monitor your symptoms and continue practice social distancing and washing your hands frequently.