Children’s Miracle Network: Meet Madilyn Brewer

Children’s Miracle Network: Meet Madilyn Brewer
Published: Jun. 2, 2023 at 7:01 PM EDT
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NEW BERN, N.C. (WITN) - The birth of a child is typically described as the gift of life, but for the miracle baby Madilyn Brewer and her parents Meagan and Tyler Brewer, the understanding of that phrase is serious and even more personal.

For the couple, having Madi was a reality they weren’t sure they’d see while they spent weeks at the James and Connie Maynard Children’s Hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit – or NICU.

“So we actually went in a year ago on my it was my birthday on April 28th last year we went in for just a routine appointment,” said Meagan.

That routine appointment turned serious after an ultrasound of Meagan discovered concerns with Madi’s development.

“They did an ultrasound that day she was measuring very, very small and so I was having some blood pressure issues on top of that,” said Meagan.

Meagan was suffering from severe preeclampsia, a drastic increase in blood pressure that typically happens some 20 weeks into a pregnancy.

The expecting family spent three weeks in the hospital monitoring Meagan’s blood pressure and Madi’s development, neither of which showed any good signs.

“She had some periods in the court of absent blood flow and so once that turned to a reversal which meant she was not getting any blood flow nutrients that sort of thing they went ahead and we scheduled a C-section so it was time,” said Meagan

Measuring about a foot in length and the mere size of a one-pound pack of coffee, in came little Madi.

The couple says Madi was a fighter from the start.

“When she came out, she was a level ahead of everything that they kind of said that where she would be,” said Tyler Brewer.

A ray of hope but still a ways to go before Madi could even be held, let alone go home. Madi spent the next 81 days in the NICU being treated with proper nutrients.

With the support of children’s hospital staff, one year later, Madi’s all caught up and just as healthy as can be.

Her parents say they have a better understanding of what the phrase “the gift of life” truly means to them.

“I remember praying like dear God please just let us get to bring her home one day to be able to have her here with us today at a year old and it’s just amazing that everything that they were able to do to care for her we’re just so thankful and we’re forever be grateful for that hospital,” said Meagan.

“You think having a kid is you know, especially this day and time, it’s just this simple, for a while, I, you know, I thought of you know what happens if something happens you know and you lose her she doesn’t make it was times in the NICU you know like scary little moments where you thought something was gonna happen or she would take a step back and then you start having that thought and it just makes you very thankful for to be able to to be able to have a kid and to have a family,” said Tyler.

Madilyn Brewer just celebrated her first birthday last month.

You can continue to help make miracles like Madilyn’s happen when you call in your pledge to the CMN telethon this weekend at 1-800-673-5437.