Loosening North Carolina control of liquor considered again

Loosening North Carolina control of liquor considered again

The North Carolina legislature is again weighing whether altering how liquor sales have been regulated for over 80 years is worth likely increasing the number of retail outlets but also increasing public consumption.

NCEL Drawing 08-19-19

Watch the video for the latest North Carolina Education Lottery drawing.

Million dollar lottery ticket sold on Crystal Coast

Someone's trip to the beach this weekend was extremely lucky.

Shooting death of 9-year-old prompts calls for action in NC

A drive-by shooting in Durham has killed a 9-year-old boy and injured an 8-year-old boy, motivating some leaders to speak out against gun violence.

Jacksonville unveils first all inclusive playground

One city has unveiled its first all inclusive playground, allowing children with ranging levels of ability to join in on the fun.

Open house held for Kinston Bypass project

A proposed bypass aims to ease traffic congestion through an eastern Carolina city, but residents are concerned it may pass through their homes or businesses.

Weather Authority Forecast For Tuesday, August 20th AM

Weather Authority Forecast For Tuesday, August 20th AM


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The truck allegedly had "a catastrophic mechanical failure," according to the Seattle Police Department.

Chicago man arrested after allegedly threatening 'slaughter' at abortion clinic

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3 jurors dismissed from deadly 'Ghost Ship' warehouse fire trial

The judge removed the women from the panel for an undisclosed reason on the 10th day of deliberations in the deadly 2016 Oakland fire.