Teacher of the Week- Andy June

Teacher of the Week- Andy June

WITN News At Sunrise December 12, 2018

Weather Authority Forecast for Wednesday, March 20th- Noon

Weather Authority Forecast for Wednesday, March 20th- Noon

NCEL 03-19-19

NCEL 03-19-19

Player of the Week: Samage Teel

Player of the Week: Samage Teel

Bill would allow alcohol sales at ECU football games

An Eastern Carolina lawmaker wants you to be able to buy beer and wine at your next ECU football game.

Jones County School libraries get grant money to help with hurricane recovery

A local school system that suffered losses to their libraries from Hurricane Florence was presented with $35,000 in grants Tuesday.


WITN News At Sunrise March 20, 2019


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Mother of 9-year-old girl found in duffel bag charged with murder

Trinity Love Jones' body was discovered in a black duffel bag on March 5 by maintenance workers in Hacienda Heights, about 20 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

Woman sues Harvard claiming it's exploiting images of her slave ancestors

"Slavery was abolished 156 years ago, but Renty and Delia remain enslaved in Cambridge, Massachusetts," the lawsuit states

High school coach, wife investigated for giving wrestler prescription medication to treat rash

The student was allegedly told to keep the rash a secret so he wouldn't be prevented from competing in wrestling matches.

Cleveland sergeant accused of using police resources to contact 2,300 women

The 29-year veteran is also accused of using a police database to view personal information and pictures of two women.

Oklahoma sheriff and all of her deputies resign in protest over dangerous jail conditions

Nowata County Sheriff Terry Sue Barnett cited high levels of carbon monoxide, exposed wires in showers, gas and mold issues.