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State Schools Superintendent visits Pitt County

NC's Schools Superintendent is showing some love to school bus drivers this week by visiting schools here in the east.

NCEL 11-20-18

NCEL 11-20-18

Player of the Week: Justyn Benton

Player of the Week: Justyn Benton

Crime Commission asks for public help in ensuring School Safety

In a packed room at the Greenville Convention Center Tuesday evening, community members gathered to talk to law enforcement about the ongoing battle to keep students safe in schools and protecting them from the threat of school shootings.

Beary Merry Christmas Tree Lighting rescheduled due to weather

Downtown New Bern will light up for the holiday season earlier than expected.

Teacher of the Week- Jennifer Davis

WITN News At Sunrise November 21, 2018


WITN News At Sunrise November 21, 2018


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