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Player of the Week: Ninevah Reddick

South Central guard Ninevah Reddick is our newest WITN Pepsi Player of the Week.

ECU Women's Basketball Team spreads Christmas cheer at children's hospital

The ECU Women's Basketball team was out spreading Christmas cheer in the hopes of helping a special group of kids have a great holiday season.

Application sessions being held for property owner buyouts after Hurricane Florence

Property owners who are interested in applying for buyouts after Hurricane Florence damage have two opportunities to learn more about the process this week.

Greenville police investigate late afternoon shooting

Greenville police are investigating a shooting that happened late Tuesday afternoon.


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Jury recommends life in prison plus 419 years for Charlottesville driver James Alex Fields

The judge accepted their recommendations, but will not formally sentence Fields until March for killing Heather Heyer and injuring dozens.

Paralyzed student walks to get college diploma

Aldo Amenta suffered a diving accident that left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair. With the help of a physical therapy team and an exoskeleton, he was able to stand up and walk across the stage to receive his degree in electrical engineering from Florida International University.

Officers rescues family of 4 from burning New Jersey home

Body cam footage shows a harrowing rescue from a burning New Jersey apartment building. A quick thinking officer carefully dropped two children from a balcony, bringing them to safety.

Charges dropped against mother whose baby was ripped from her arms by the NYPD

“My obligation is to keep the people of Brooklyn safe, but it’s also to promote trust in our justice system,” the District Attorney said. “When we have cases like this, it does the opposite. It undermines confidence.”

Rescuers racing against time to find 3 people trapped in West Virginia mine

Crews are pumping out water and pumping in air as families hold out hope that their loved ones make it out alive after being in the mine for over three days.