Tonight's NCEL Drawing 02-22-20

Sat Feb 22 20:43:27 PST 2020

Tonight's NCEL Drawing 02-22-20

Tonight's NCEL Drawing 02-22-20

Weather Authority Forecast 4-8-2020

Weather Authority Forecast 4-8-2020

Help available for child care costs for essential workers

Governor Roy Cooper says that essential workers are now being provided with financial aid when looking for child care and child care teachers will be getting bonuses.

Teacher of the Week: Sharon Minton

Sharon Minton of Bridgeton Elementary School

Wayne County has 34 reported cases right now

Wayne County has 34 reported cases right now


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NBC News Headlines

Muslim woman says police forced her to remove her hijab

Wearing religious head coverings is a First Amendment right, the woman's attorney said. "We don't lose those rights because we have interactions with law enforcement."

Library workers fight for safer working conditions amid coronavirus pandemic

Over the last month, the #closethelibraries campaign has called to close library buildings not only to the public but also to library staff.

Supportive adults key to reducing HIV among trans youth, study finds

Transgender teens and young adults widely lack “affirmative and culturally competent” sexual health resources, according to the report.

Following driver's death, Detroit bus riders to receive free face masks

The move follows a Detroit bus driver's dying from coronavirus after posting a video about a coughing passenger. "We have to care for and protect our neighbors," the city's mayor said.

'No miraculous recovery': Some ICU doctors say malaria drug not helping

Many doctors suspect that if the drug does turn out to be beneficial, it may work better early on in the course of the illness.