Tonight's MegaMillions Drawing 02-14-20

Fri Feb 14 20:38:26 PST 2020

Tonight's MegaMillions Drawing 02-14-20

Tonight's MegaMillions Drawing 02-14-20

Weather Authority Forecast for Monday, April 6th 12:30PM

Weather Authority Forecast for Monday, April 6th 12:30PM

'The World Is Different Now' - Rafters return to coronavirus pandemic

Couple who spent weeks “off the grid” with no communication with the outside world while rafting the Colorado River describe returning to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus: Boosting your immune system

There is no proven medicine to protect you from the COVID-19 virus, but experts say staying as healthy as possible now could help you fight the disease if you become infected


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Actor Ezra Miller appears to choke woman in video

In a video that surfaced online over the weekend, the "Fantastic Beasts" star appears to grab a woman by the throat and throw her to the ground.

Coronavirus in kids is rare and mostly mild, though serious cases can happen

Children with coronavirus may not develop the telltale signs seen in adults, including fever and cough.

Trump administration slaps sanctions on Russian white supremacists

The move against the Russian Imperial Movement is the first time the designation has been made for a white supremacist group

Xerox plans to make low cost, disposable ventilators

The portable device wouldn't replace hospital-grade ventilators but could be a stopgap measure for some COVID-19 patients.

Illinois man who thought girlfriend had COVID-19 fatally shoots her, himself

The sheriff's office said during the COVID-19 pandemic, the vast majority of service calls that deputies have been responding to involve domestic disputes and crisis intervention.