Beaufort County Crime Stoppers - 6/20/19

Thu Jun 20 08:28:05 PDT 2019

Beaufort County Crime Stoppers - 6/20/19

Beaufort County Crime Stoppers - 6/20/19

Pitt Greenville Crime Stoppers for November 22nd, 2019

Pitt Greenville Crime Stoppers for November 22nd, 2019

Tonight's NCEL Drawing 11-21-19

Tonight's NCEL Drawing 11-21-19

Vidant "Powers Up" cancer prevention effort

An Eastern Carolina hospital is stepping up its fight against one of the leading causes of death in our state--cancer.

Carteret County superintendent announces retirement after 39 years of service

A superintendent who has spent his entire 39 years in education in the same county is retiring.

Hyde County Commissioners approve December return of visitors to Ocracoke

Hyde County says it will allow visitors back onto hurricane ravaged Ocracoke Island in December.

Southwest Greenville Bypass now open to drivers

The ribbon has been cut on the new Southwest Greenville Bypass.


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Watch this boy’s powerful reaction to seeing color for the first time

12-year-old Jonathan Jones is colorblind and has never been able to imagine how vivid the world must be. That changed when his school principal, who is also colorblind, let him try on his special glasses.

Daughter of abuse victim disguises call to 911 as a pizza order, alerting cops to domestic violence

A woman called 911 for help as she saw her mother being beaten and pretended to order a pizza, a discrete plot to alert emergency services that something was wrong. The quick-thinking operator caught on after a few questions and managed to get the information needed to send police -- where a man was arrested on a domestic violence charge.

Boston College student returns to U.S. to face charges in boyfriend’s suicide

Inyoung You pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the suicide death of her boyfriend, Alexander Urtula. Prosecutors allege she was physically, verbally and psychologically abusive to him and repeatedly told him to kill himself but messages obtained by The Boston Globe suggest she tried to stop him.

Woman who called 911 for pizza was really reporting domestic violence

"This is the wrong number to order a pizza," the dispatcher said, then added shortly after, "I’m getting you now, OK. ... The guy still there?"

Former CIA officer sentenced to 19 years in prison for conspiring with Chinese spies

Federal officials say Jerry Lee revealed sensitive secrets to China’s intelligence service, severely setting back America’s ability to gather intelligence in China -- that country that spies most aggressively on the U.S.