Local Attorney Making a Difference in Our Communities

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We are excited to feature our July winner of Eastern NC Cares brought to you by Brian Ricci of the Ricci Law Firm. Our winner is Craven Smart Start.

The nonprofit’s mission is to build brighter futures for young children.

Young children often go to Kindergarten unprepared to learn. Craven Smart Start initiates and funds programs in Craven County that address kindergarten readiness. Craven Smart Start also collaborates with other community organizations to support young children and their families.

The organization believes when young children are given the opportunity to reach their full potential, that they will become loving, nurturing independent individuals who will contribute to their families, communities, and society. They believe that all children, when surrounded by a supportive community, can achieve economic success and experience the highest quality of life!

Visit Craven Smart Start’s website at https://www.cravensmartstart.org/ to learn more on how you can join the Ricci Law Firm and help support this nonprofit organization.

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