Local Attorney Making a Difference in Our Communities

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We are excited to feature our November winner of Eastern NC Cares brought to you by Brian Ricci of the Ricci Law Firm.

Our winner is Pamlico Rose. Pamlico Rose is a nonprofit organization was founded in 2016. Pamlico Rose’s programs reach and help female Veterans, specifically, and Veterans overall, overcome the effects of trauma, such as anxiety, stress and addiction and ease the struggle of the post-military service transition to civilian life, including social and community reintegration.

Pamlico Rose partners with Veteran Service, civic, educational and nonprofit organizations to promote a community supportive and inclusive of all Veterans who have served.

Visit Pamlico Rose’s website https://www.pamlicorose.org/ to learn more on how you can join the Ricci Law Firm and help support this nonprofit organization. Be sure to stay tuned for more of Eastern NC Cares with The Ricci Law Firm.