Local Attorney Making a Difference in Our Communities

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We are excited to feature our October winner of Eastern NC Cares brought to you by Brian Ricci of the Ricci Law Firm. Our winner is North Carolina Down Syndrome Alliance.

Eastern NC Cares State Logo

North Carolina Down Syndrome Alliance is a nonprofit organization with the mission to empower, connect and support the lifespan of individuals with Sown syndrome, their families and the community through outreach, advocacy, and education in North Carolina. NCDSA is an effective, compassionate, and comprehensive resource on Down syndrome throughout North Carolina. NCDSA envisions a culture in which all people with Down syndrome are empowered to achieve their full potential and live healthy, productive lives as valued citizens within the fabric of society.

Visit North Carolina Down Syndrome Alliance’s website at https://www.ncdsalliance.org/ to learn more on how you can join the Ricci Law Firm and help support this nonprofit organization.