Grants & Classes Help College Students Finish Their Degree

Beaufort Community College

Sponsored - Emergencies happen and Beaufort County Community College is here to help students reach their educational goals. The Finish Line Grant helps students who are halfway to completing their degree or certification and encounter an unforeseen event that could derail their education. This can include medical emergencies, emergency vehicle repairs, rental assistance, and unforeseen utility bills. Students can qualify to receive up to $1000 to help with emergencies. Students must be currently enrolled.

Another way students can prepare for emergencies is by taking a larger class load during their fall semester. Front-loading the year will help them graduate as planned even if they need to drop a class.

To meet this need, BCCC is offering 8-week online “Late Start” classes that begin on Oct. 13. These classes include biology, business, computer information systems, history, marketing, music, religion, and more.

Students who are already receiving the Beaufort Promise Scholarship can take these classes at no additional tuition cost. For students who are taking less than 9 credits hours, the college will pay for any “late-start” class in their program of study that helps them meet or exceed the 9-credit requirement for Beaufort Promise Scholarship. Students must also meet grade and residency requirements.

To find out more about the Finish Line Grant, call Kimberly Jackson at 252-940-6252.

To register for 8-week online “Late Start” classes, visit the Advising Center.

Beaufort Community College