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With a new year comes the opportunity for a fresh start in your home. Due to lockdowns across the country, we’ve all had the opportunity to see what kind of stuff can accumulate all over the house.

Luckily, you’re not beholden to a cluttered home and can always improve it! Now, before you clutch your remote and turn on another episode of “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”, keep these next few tips in mind as you get ready to clean and declutter your space!

Come up with a plan

Like any home improvement project, a plan will ensure your success and allow you to focus on your goals, such as how to tackle each room and how to organize.

A plan will also give you the opportunity to assess everything you have inside your home and figure out what you’re looking to rid yourself of during the process.

One room at a time

Starting out with a decluttering operation means taking the first step. Generally, it’s suggested that you start off with a small room such as a bathroom, laundry room, or mud room.

Getting a single room cleaned and decluttered will allow you to feel accomplished as you take on the bigger rooms in your home.

Start small in each room

Decluttering your home means going through nearly every nook, cranny, dresser, drawer, and closet to fully complete the project.

But starting with a small drawer and moving along to larger closets and bigger dressers allows you to snowball your progress and feel productive.

Organize, organize, organize

The idea of taking stuff out of drawers and closets and putting them into different containers and closets might seem silly, but getting organized is the key to long-term success.

Along with your initial plan, going into each room with a container or organizer is a wise choice.

Another wonderful idea is to come to each room with a container to place items you want to keep and another container for items you want to get rid of or donate.

Regardless, you’re going to need some help if you have grander plans for decluttering your home. Let your friends at Beaufort Ace help you out. From organizers to containers, Beaufort Ace is here to guide you along your home improvement journey. Beaufort Ace Home Center’s Red Hot Buys are valid now through January 31.

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