Our Mission statement:

Hometown Healing: Supporting Our Hospital Heroes is an effort to show how much we here in Eastern North Carolina appreciate all the extra work a portion of our community has had to put in over the course of the pandemic. From the cleaning crews to the nurses, the doctors to the cafeteria workers, everyone has of course been doing their job… but they’ve also been doing so much more. Whether they’ve been the one constant for a patient whose family cannot visit because it’s not safe, the hand to hold during scary procedures, the germ blaster during room turnover, the one making sure someone is eating that hospital food even if they feel like they’re not hungry…we salute them. We hope that those of us who have been infinitely safer at our jobs outside the hospitals or in our homes will join us in raising funds to help anyone who might need it. 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the participating hospitals to benefit their employees.

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