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Tiger Woods makes Masters 15th and most improbable major


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Beto gets backing from rock group Hawkwind's leader

The rock band Hawkwind's leader wished Beto O'Rourke luck 'From one Psychedelic Warlord to another.'

Man who allegedly hid out in ex's attic faces burglary charges

Cary Cocuzzi told officers he was homeless and had been sneaking in and out of the house for about two weeks, police said.

Police shooting near Yale exposes complex racial divide

"We send spaceships to other planets, but we can't build a bridge between the community and the police," a New Haven resident said.

Sunday School teacher convicted of murdering husband over porn habit

Patricia Hill's lawyer said she did not mean to kill her husband, that a “warning shot” accidentally struck him in the head.

Man charged with sexually assaulting a woman on flight

The 19-year-old woman said the man sitting next to her touched her while she was "half asleep" on the 13-hour flight.