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Jim Boeheim returns to Syracuse bench after fatal accident


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Jury recommends death for Michael Gargiulo, 'The Boy Next Door Killer'

His victims included 22-year-old Ashley Ellerin, who was killed on a night in 2001 when she had plans with actor Ashton Kutcher.

Plane carrying school swim team veers off runway in Alaska, kills 1 man

An eyewitness said the plane landed about 500 feet beyond the airport. Photos on social media appeared to show the plane's nose hanging over a rocky embankment near water.

Guns taken from suspected neo-Nazi leader said to be prepping for 'race war'

Kaleb James Cole was not charged with any crime, but the guns were taken under the state's "red flag" law.

Cruise passenger banned for life after standing on balcony railing for photo

A narrow balcony railing was all that separated her from plunging into the water.

Wisconsin high school students rally for security guard fired amid controversy

Marlon Anderson, an 11-year staffer in the school district, was fired after he confronted a disruptive African-American student being removed from campus. He told the student to stop calling him the n-word, repeating the word himself. Anderson was removed for violating a zero-tolerance policy.