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Player of the Week: Traveon Freshwater

Player of the Week: Melik Ward

Player of the Week: Demetri Holmes

Player of the Week: Justyn Benton

Player of the Week: Ka'ci Foreman

Player of the Week: Ray Darden

Player of the Week: Welton Spottsville

Player of the Week: Zion Hardy

Player of the Week: Elana Fuller

Player of the Week: Savone "Tank" Tutt

Player of the Week: Ben Harris

Player of the Week: AJ Dupree

Player of the Week: Jordan Cannon

Player of the Week: Jaylen Short

Player of the Week: Kieran Hooker

Player of the Week: Jemere Artis

Player of the Week: Grant Charles Jarman

Player of the Week: Blake Mclawhorn

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NBC News Headlines

Authorities finish searching property of missing Colorado woman's fiancé

“We still have not found Kelsey,” police said.

Buyer beware: Some cars flooded during hurricanes still on the market

Some 750,000 cars were flooded during Hurricanes Florence, Harvey and Irma. Many were taken off the market, but experts warn that some have been refurbished and resold. NBC’s Tammy Leitner looks into what you need to know as you shop for a used vehicle.

Pilot who survived military plane crash says he’s ‘looking forward to flying again’

Matt Pothier, a civilian contractor and former Navy fighter pilot, was flying a jet during military exercises in Hawaii when he noticed something was very wrong. He’s now talking about the near-death experience, when he ejected out of the plane and splashed-down into the water below.

Mississippi’s crumbling infrastructure delays emergency services and puts lives at risk

Nearly 500 bridges in the state are in such disrepair that they’re closed and state, county and local governments lack the funding for repairs. This has serious, sometimes deadly, consequences for residents when emergency responders can’t quickly reach those in need.

Volunteers care for pets separated from families after devastating Camp Fire

More than 2,000 animals were displaced during the deadliest and most destructive fire in California’s history. Some families are still desperately searching for their pets, while others have no homes to bring their animals back to. Volunteers have stepped in to care for them, a gesture of hope for the many who are grieving.