Young Commissioner Ready To Get To Work In Washington County

A 24-year old who is going to law school was sworn in Monday night as a Washington County Commissioner.

D. Cole Phelps had his first meeting as tons of supporters came out for the youngest county commissioner in the entire state right now.

Phelps said, "I'm so excited. It's been a long time coming and I'm looking forward to working with all the citizens in Washington County. Really making this a better place."

Born and raised in Washington County, Phelps, a Democrat, grew up in Creswell, graduating from high school there in 2006. He graduated from ECU in 2010, and in May, he'll earn his law degree from North Carolina Central.

Commission Chairman Buster Manning says, "We're all excited and looking forward to having somebody young. Most of us have a few years on us, and the other commissioners. Nice to have a young guy. Probably has some fresh ideas."

Phelps says the main area he campaigned on is education. He says the county has a very low college graduation rate, something he's looking to change. "So what I want to do is help to expand those opportunities into my district, in the eastern end of the county."

The spotlight was on Phelps Monday night, but he says he's up to the challenge. "I'm just excited, ready to work, and it's gonna be fun."