UPDATE: Belle Of Washington Could Be Off Pier, Back In Water Monday

The infamous boat in Beaufort County that got carried away by hurricane Irene and placed atop a pier is about to be set free.

The 85-feet long, 18-feet wide, 54-thousand pound Belle of Washington dinner cruise ship is still perched on a 4-feet wide pier, for now. T.J. Marine construction out of Belhaven has the task of figuring out how to remove the boat and get it back in the water. There are 12 pilings set up to hoist the boat up, that collectively, can lift 75 thousand pounds. Tobin Tetterton say they've had to do many difficult jobs in the past, but, this one has them thinking creatively.

"Yeah, we enjoy challenges. It's just something different to do and I again have the think out of the box on a different way of doing things. The problem you have with a boat like this- to be able to literally pick a boat up with cranes it would probably take two 100-pound cranes and they would probably draft 5-feet of water, but we only have 2 feet of water. So you're limited to what size barge you can get in here," said Tetterton.

They say it will mostly likely be Monday before they pick up the boat and demolish the pier underneath it to then set the boat back in the water.

The "Belle of Washington" could soon come off its precarious perch.

Crews will soon attempt to move the 85 foot long dinner cruise boat that ended up perfectly balanced on a four-foot wide dock. The boat broke free from its moorings during Hurricane Irene in Beaufort County.

Officials say the earliest the vessel could be back in the water would be Friday, but crews will most likely wait until Monday.

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A barge was bracing the "Belle of Washington" early Thursday morning as crews prepared to remove the 85-foot boat off a tiny dock.

The boat broke free from its moorings during Hurricane Irene but ended up seemingly placed perfectly on top of a dock.

Barges got to the "Belle" Wednesday to secure the boat and eventually bring it back into the water. Only two of the pylons on the deck are actually holding the boat in place. The barge is securing the boat so it does not come crashing down.

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A large boat in Washington ended up in a near-perfect balancing act after Hurricane Irene moved through.

Daniel Woolard tells us the "Belle of Washington" was moored in Broad Creek during the storm. The "Belle" broke loose but ended up balanced on a neighboring boat dock.

The boat is 85 feet long and 18 feet wide. When the water receded the "Belle" ended up sitting on the 4 foot wide dock.

So far there is no concrete plans on how they're going to get the boat back in the water.

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