WITN Starts HD Broadcasts From New Greenville Studio

North Carolina's first television station built from the ground up for HD began broadcasting local newscasts today.

Dave Jordan and Lynnette Taylor anchored WITN's News at Noon from our new broadcast facility on Arlington Boulevard in Greenville.

Plans for the new building began several years ago after a commitment from WITN's owner, Gray Television, Inc., to move the station's studios to Greenville. Construction on the state-of-the-art facility began last summer, while WITN's master control began using it the first of the year to broadcast the three WITN digital channels.

For the past month, anchors and newscast directors have been splitting their time between the existing Washington studios and the new facility for training. Everything in the building is new, which means news and production employees had to learn several new systems before the HD facility could start broadcasting locally originated programming.

WITN continues to have local offices in Washington, New Bern and Jacksonville.

For behind-the-scene photos and video tours of the new HD studio, visit WITN on Facebook.