UPDATE: Gaston County School Reverses Suspension Of 9 Year-Old Student

The school board in Gaston County is apologizing for suspending a fourth grade student for sexual harassment.

Nine-year-old Emanyea Lockett was suspended for two days last week after he said his teacher was cute. The school system called it sexual harassment, but on Tuesday reversed its ruling after the district determined there was no sexual harassment. The principal has also resigned.

A letter of apology is being sent to the student and his parents. Chiquita Lockett, Emanyea's mother, says, "This is something that everyone needs to see, just to see what's happening within our school systems." She also says she is encouraged by the district's response.

Officials say the suspension will not count against Emanyea, and he will be given help to make up the work he missed.

Previous story:
Administrators at a Gaston County elementary school say they suspended a 9-year-old boy because he sexually harassed a teacher.

WSOC-TV reported that a letter shared by the boy's mother says he has a history of using inappropriate language about other students. The woman says it's the first time she'd heard that about her son.

The boy said he called a teacher "cute," but the school says he used the word "fine." Brookside Elementary School says the child's comment amounts to sexual harassment.

The school's letter said the boy had been warned for using racial slurs and other derogatory words to describe other students.

A school district spokeswoman would not comment, but says the district is investigating.