Eight Homes Damaged In Greene County, Weather Service Assess Damage

State officials say at least eight homes in Greene County were damaged by a possible tornado.

The National Weather Service are headed to parts of the county to assess damage caused by Friday's storms.

The Weather Service crews hit the streets at 8:00am Saturday to determine the strength of the tornado that touched down in the Castoria area, knocking down power lines and damaging several homes in it's path.

Weather service officials are gathering evidence to confirm the tornado as well as the strength. They say they should have the results done by 5pm. Saturday. Stay with WITN.com for the latest information.


Greene County Emergency Management officials say the National Weather Service told them a tornado touched down in the Castoria area, damaging trees, power lines and several homes on Shine Road outside of Snow Hill.

J.R. Hulon's says his house on Speights Bridge Road was also hit. He says, "The porches are gone, the roof is gone the siding is gone, but I've still got somewhere to stay. So i'm just blessed."

Hulon says he was driving home on Speights Bridge Road and saw the tornado over the trees by his house break off into two smaller tornadoes.

Hulon says, "I don't know, it was like big clouds that came to the ground, and there was one and then it went into two, and one went over to the neighbors this way, and the other came through my yard."

Hulon's seven dogs all survived, which he says is what's important. But the shock factor of what happened is still setting in. "I really don't know what's going through my mind at this point. I'm just numb. I mean you work hard to get what you've got, and you come home and it's just gone, in an instant."

Trey Cash with Greene County Emergency Management says there were no reported injuries.