Reality-based self defense class for women grows in popularity

If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, could you protect yourself? It's a question that's prompted some women to take self defense classes.

Master Lisa DeJesus teaches self defense in New Bern. Part of that includes helping women to be more aware of their surroundings.

"You get that, "Uh it won't happen to me.' That's a lot of the take that we get," says DeJesus.

While she hopes nothing ever happens, DeJesus says these types of situations can happen. That's why she teaches.

"We have to show the reality of it and allow them to be able to see the reality of it. That's what reality based self-defense is all about. It has to be real physically and mentally, because out there it's real."

DeJesus has participants go through various situations like running or going out to a bar, and shows them different ways to protect themselves. She and her team have been growing their free Women's Self Defense training seminars for several years, and see it as a way to give back.