Governor Declares State Of Emergency; New Damage Numbers For Beaufort County

Governor Pat McCrory has declared a State of Emergency for four Eastern Carolina counties hit hard by the storms Friday night, while one of those counties has new damage numbers.

The counties in the governor's declaration are Beaufort, Chowan, Pasquotank, and Perquimans counties.

In Beaufort County, authorities now estimate between 189 and 200 homes were damaged by their EF3 tornado. Emergency Management Director John Pack says 60 of those have major damage.

County Manager Randell Woodruff says a very rough estimate is Beaufort County has $2,000,000 in uninsured loses from Friday night. He says that's in addition to $1.5 million in damage from the April 7th tornado.

The National Weather Service says seven different tornadoes hit the area Friday. Two of those were in Greene County, another in Pitt County, another stayed on the ground for 21 miles in Beaufort County, and three other tornadoes in Chowan, Perquimans and Pasquotank counties.

In addition to initiating request for federal aid, the State of Emergency declaration also triggers the state's price gouging law in those four counties.

Federal Emergency Management Agency representatives will be in the counties on Tuesday, meeting with local emergency management directors to start going over damage estimates.


The National Weather Service has confirmed that multiple tornadoes touched down in Eastern Carolina Friday, April 25th. After conducting surveys of damage sites across the east, it has been confirmed that a total of seven tornadoes touched down.

Two tornadoes were confirmed in Greene county. The first touching down near Shine at 4:37pm and had maximum wind speeds of 80 mph (EF0). A second tornado touched down near Walstonburg at 4:46pm. It was rated as an EF1 with maximum winds or 110 mph. No injuries or fatalities were reported with regards to these tornadoes.

Three tornadoes touched down across parts of Northeastern Carolina, claiming the life of an 11 month old. An EF2 blew across Chowan, Perquimans and Pasquotank counties between 7:20pm and 8:15pm with estimated wind speeds of 125 mph. Another EF2 tornado followed, touching down at 7:37pm and lifting off at 8:30pm, a few miles southwest of the of the previous system. A third tornado, rated as an EF1, touched down in Perquimans county and made its way across Pasquotank between 7:50pm and 8:10pm. Many homes and trees were damaged.

Two tornadoes were confirmed in Pitt and Beaufort counties. The first one touched down in Chicod at 7:22pm with estimated wind speeds of 115 mph (EF2 rating) and moved east for one mile before lifting off the ground. A second tornado touched down near Chocowinity around 7:35pm before making its way across the Pamlico River towards Washington. As it crossed Whichards Beach Road, the tornado reached its full strength with winds estimated at 150 mph (EF3 rating) before weakening back to an EF2 as it crossed the Pamlico River. The weakening continued as the tornado moved towards Yeatesville before lifting at 8:10pm.


The National Weather Service has says an EF3 tornado touched down Friday night in Chocowinity, with winds around 150 miles per hour.

Authorities say approximately 100 homes were severely damaged or destroyed from the storm in Beaufort County.

Emergency Management Coordinator John Pack says at least 16 people were transported to the hospital with injuries.

Pack says there are no reported fatalities at the this time but his crews are going door to door in a search and rescue effort.

The county declared a local State of Emergency Friday night and a shelter was opened to house stranded residents.

That shelter is located at Snowd Branch Church of God's Family Life Center at VOA and Cherry Run roads. People should bring a bedroll or sleeping bag, a pillow, towel, and personal care items.

Additionally utility crews working are to restore power to homes and businesses in Beaufort County. The strong line of storms from Friday knocked down trees, damaged homes and knocked out power to more than 3,238 Tideland EMC customers.

As of 1:00 p.m., the utility says all homes capable of being reconnected have had their power restored. Tideland says 39 homes in one neighborhood remain off-line as the structural integrity of those homes are being investigated.

The county is asking travel Saturday night, after 10:00 p.m. be limited to emergency situations until Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m.


The storms caused power outages, damage to homes and downed trees in Beaufort County.

Many people reported seeing a tornado in Chocowinity and in the River Road area of Washington.

Along Asbury Church Road, there are several mobile homes damaged, power lines and trees down.

As of 11 p.m., Tideland EMC said nearly 1,800 customers were without power in Beaufort County. The power company said late Friday that it would be Saturday before electricity was fully restored.

Duke Energy said 1,500 customers were without power in the Chocowinity area.

Emergency officials in Bertie County said power was knocked out to parts of Windsor.