NEW INFO: Santa not happy with thief at Bear Plaza in New Bern

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A Christmas Grinch apparently had a change of heart, and has returned a tree as part of the Beary Merry Christmas display in downtown New Bern.

Organizer Amanda Banks says when they came in Tuesday morning the missing crab pot Christmas tree had been returned.

The tree was stolen Sunday night from Bear Plaza, as well as some lights vandalized.

Santa recorded a video, and threatened to leave coal in the stocking of the person who stole the tree if they didn't bring it back.

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Santa is threatening to leave coal in the stocking of the person who stole a crab pot Christmas tree from Bear Plaza in New Bern Sunday night.

In a video message, Santa says, Hello, this is Santa from Bear Plaza. Whoever stole the crab pot tree last night, I wish that you would return it. If somebody knows who has it, please bring it back. They vandalized some of our lights last night and it's just unacceptable. Unless you want coal in your stocking, or switches, I suggest that you bring the tree back. Thank you. Merry Christmas."