SNEAK PEEK: "Rosemary's Baby" Miniseries Debuts Sunday On NBC

(NBC News) The original "Rosemary's Baby" terrified moviegoers back in 1968.

Now Zoe Saldana inherits Mia Farrow's starring role in NBC's remake about a pregnancy impacted by sinister forces.

"I didn't want to imitate what Ms. Farrow did," Saldana says. "I wanted my own opportunity to figure out what Rosemary
meant to me."

The new film shifts the setting from New York City to Paris, and that ratchets up the terror for a newly arrived, expectant mom dealing with strange events.

"She feels caged. She's doesn't know the language, she doesn't know the culture, she doesn't
know where she's going. So the more things start to go downhill, the more isolated she feels," Saldana explains.

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