SCAM ALERT: Real company, fake job

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This is about the time of year people are perusing the internet for a side job to pick up a bit of extra cash for the holidays. However, scammers are using some seemingly legitimate tactics to target job seekers.

The Better Business Bureau is warning job seekers of a Craigslist ad for an administrative assistant at Clearpoint. That is a real non-profit company, and the job posting looks pretty straightforward (no obvious typos, foreign language, etc.)

Those who send in a resume find they get a reply from a so-called manager, who is asking for more information. But that additional information request involves your credit card number.

The BBB advises you watch out for a couple red-flags when looking at online job ads:

- anything asking you to pay for training is likely a scam
- check the business' web page to see if they have posted that job online
- look for key phrases like "immediate start," "no experience needed," and "teleworking OK"

Finally, the BBB offers this tip: search for that exact job on Google. If it shows up all over the country it is likely a scammer copying and pasting the ad to scoop up as many victims as possible.