SCAM ALERT: Customer Windfall Sweepstakes Raffle

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A Pitt County couple wants people to know about a letter from a scam artist they received in the mail. They didn't fall for the bait, and they don't want anyone else to, either.

A letter arrived at the home in the Ayden/Grifton area from DCL Global Financial about a Customer Windfall Sweepstakes Raffle. Sarah Klein says the letter told them they'd won $50,000, and a check was enclosed for $2,800. The letter said that money was to "offset the obligatory tax/fee or $1,980."

Anytime you're told you won a contest you did not enter, that's a red flag, as is getting a check to cover taxes or fees on collecting a prize. Scam artists will often ask you to cash those checks and send them part or all of it. If that check turns out to be a fake, you're responsible for that cash to the bank. You also can't get back any money you wire to a scam artist.