Lottery Winner Says He Was Targeted In Home Invasion

A man who won it big in the state lottery says he was targeted in a home invasion Wednesday night.

The home invasion in Craven County happened around 10:00 p.m. in the 1100 block of South West Craven Middle School Road.

Captain Joe Heckman says a woman in her 60's, her son and his girlfriend, along with two children were inside at the time.

The men wanted money, but the son, Kelvin Spears, chased them from the home. He says he wrestled the gun away from the first intruder, but then was hit in the head with brass knuckles from behind by a second man.

Heckman says the two got in their car, and Spears followed them into Lenoir County where he got a flat tire. The two men were then able to get away.

Spears says last month he won $70,000 in the lottery and that's why he thinks the men were there to rob him.

He says the two foster children inside the home slept through the whole ordeal.