Plane strikes landscaper

(WESH) - A Florida man is recovering after he was struck by a landing plane.

Part of the single-engine plane's wing was visibly damaged by the accident Thursday at Spruce Creek Fly-In Airpark near Port Orange.

Larry Kooney said his son, Larry Kooney, II, 42, is still in the hospital, recovering from the injuries.

"He came and said, 'Larry just got hit by a plane,' and as a father, you know, my reaction was pretty distraught at the time," the elder Kooney said.

Kooney said there was no warning and that his son, who had his back to the plane and was wearing ear protection, never saw or heard the plane coming. He said he is thankful his son is alive.

"There were several pieces of plexiglass on the ground which came off. That's how hard the plane hit him. It actually broke pieces of the plane," Kooney said.