Pitt-Greenville Airport Decides On Runway Extension Plans

A final decision has been made on runway extension plans for the Pitt-Greenville Airport, according to airport director Jerry Vickers.

Airport officials say they'll extend the runway by 670 feet solving the FAA's safety concerns. The FAA will provide $2.4-million dollars to buyout the 14 affected homes in the Haw and Belvoir street area.

Althea Taylor lives in the affected area and says they plan to take part in the buyout.

Others in the neighborhood like Stephen Staton aren't so lucky. "I'm upset about it. I feel like they should buyout all the homes out of here. If they wanna extend, they should buy them all out, so everybody will be out of this pollution."

Vickers continued to stress that just because a home is eligible for buyout does not mean that the people there have to leave, they just have the option.

Vickers says the airport will also look into providing ways to limit the amount of noise for the residents who aren't eligible for the buyout and says by this time next year the airport should be wrapping up the buyout process, and breaking ground on the runway.