Pitt County Working On Better Radio, Dispatch Communication With Greenville Fire Crews

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A lack of compatible communication systems almost caused fire departments in Greenville and Pitt County to suspend their assistance agreement, but Tuesday Pitt County 9-1-1 got a new, all digital, 700-mega-hertz system to communicate with public safety officials and other departments. Pitt County Emergency Management says with the new communication system it will open up new channels for Greenville Fire and Rescue instead of limit them.

The issue is Greenville Fire and Rescue is on a different system that can't communicate with county officials once they're on the scene of a fire. That could put firefighters in danger if they cant talk to one another. Greenville Fire Chief William Ale says the county had not consulted with them on what new procedures would be in place after Tuesday's communication switch.

"We should have predetermined procedures that if we responding to the incident with one of the county fire departments and Greenville Fire Rescue we know what talk group or channel to go to," said Ale.