Photo On Eastern Carolina Candidate's Flier Portrays Nazi Troops

A North Carolina legislator is apologizing after a campaign flier meant to cast him as military friendly featured a photo portraying advancing German World War II soldiers.

The direct mail political consulting firm that produced the campaign piece for state Rep. Tim Spear said Wednesday it was solely responsible for the foul up.

The flier destined for about 10,000 homes in the Washington County Democrat's coastal district touted the legislator as "Covering Our Soldiers' Backs." But the photo showed the backs of four advancing World War II re-enactors dressed in German army uniforms.

Spear's district covers Chowan, Dare, Hyde, and Washington counties.

Account executive Mike Brown at Washington, D.C.-based MSHC Partners said the firm's art department thought the photo captured Spear's message, but no one noticed it showed the wrong kind of troops.

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