Ocracoke officials: Surfer's wound consistent with bite from small shark

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A surfer suffered an injury to his foot in the waters off Ocracoke Wednesday, and emergency officials say it's possibly from a shark.

Hyde County Emergency Services Director Justin Gibbs says the 43-year-old man was surfing just before 8:00 a.m. when he stepped on something and suffered lacerations to his foot.

Gibbs says the man tried to clean the wound and stop the bleeding at his hotel, but was unsuccessful.

That's when he went to receive medical attention, where Gibbs says those treating him said, "The injury appeared consistent with a bite from a small shark."

Gibbs wasn't exactly sure where on Ocracoke the incident happened, and said they couldn't say 100-percent that the wound was from a shark bite.

Gibbs says the man refused to be transported to the hospital, but told emergency responders he may go to the hospital himself once he's back on the mainland.

There have been eight shark bites along the NC coast this summer, including one on Ocracoke back in July.