ONSLOW COUNTY: Woman accused of malicious castration

An Onslow County woman is accused of malicious castration and assault causing serious bodily injury.

According to the Onslow County Sheriff's office, 51-year-old Martinne Delavega of Lynchburg Drive, Jacksonville is accused of biting and injuring a man's testicles, causing alleged permanent damage.

Authorities say the victim is the woman's boyfriend who had to get stitches for his injuries. Court officials say the victim said in court Friday that it was a misunderstanding.

Deputies say the woman was injured during the assault as the victim was trying to stop it. Her mug shot taken at the jail showed her wearing bandages around her forehead.

Investigators say the attack happened Wednesday and that it stemmed from a domestic dispute between the two.

Delavega was released on a $10,000 bond.