New Security System For Onslow County Schools

The Onslow County School System is adding more preventative steps to ensure their students safety this coming school year.

The 37 schools in Onslow County have installed a new security system and the change is effective immediately.

The system is called Sielox. Contractors with North Carolina Sound say the security system is basically an 'app' that all teachers and faculty members have access to.

The system has been placed in every classroom with a main 'panic' button in the main office of each school.

The way it works is like this. In the morning each teacher will label their room 'green' if its safe. If conditions ever become dangerous they can change the status of their room in order to receive assistance, or notify others of the present danger.

This system is an immediate indicator to the other staff members, but more importantly, to law enforcement who can be in route within a minute.

Teachers will receive training on how to effectively use the system starting the week of August 18th.

The system can be accessed by computer or mobile device.

It cost just over $230,000 and was paid for with grants and school funds.