New Greenville V.A. Facility 48% Complete

In less than a year, health care for veterans in Eastern Carolina will drastically change.

That's because a new Veterans Administration health care center will open in Greenville next January.

The new VA facility on Moye Boulevard will be considerably larger and offer streamlined care that's now closer to home.

The 116,000 square foot building will replace the 18,000 square foot facility less than a mile away.

Once it opens, the VA will offer expanded services like women's health, cardiology, audiology, orthopedics, optometry, dental, radiology and complete personalized care.

The new center, which is 48% complete, will also have outpatient services. It will employ about 300 people and will begin hiring at the end of the year.

The VA will pay $3.8 million a year, and then after 20 years it will own the facility.

To begin the process to apply for one of the 300 jobs, click on the link below.

V.A. Administrators say you can begin your application on-line and request to receive alerts about Greenville jobs on their website.

The link to the job's site is below.