New Bern High School wins NC Green Power grant

New Bern High School will soon be sporting some new high tech equipment after securing enough money to win an NC Green Power grant.

The school raised more than $13,000 after being chosen as one of four schools in the state for the pilot program that helps teach students through firsthand experience about renewable energy.

Monday the school was presented with a $10,000 check from SECU Foundation and NC Green Power to finish paying for a 5 kilowatt solar panel that will be installed in the upcoming weeks.

Sandy Parker, New Bern High School science teacher says, "It means an opportunity to see firsthand renewable energy in our own backyard, or front yard, so instead of a concept they'll be able to actually come out and be able to look at kind of a dashboard for the way the panels are producing electricity on a day to day basis."

The grant helps teachers come up with lesson plans incorporating the new solar panel and it will actually function to power part of the school, saving the school about $600.00 a year.