New App Promises To Connect Consumers With Attorneys

A Greenville native has created a quick and easy way to find an attorney if you find yourself with a ticket.

BernieSez is a free app. The user uploads their ticket, fills out some information and submits it. Attorneys then bid on the ticket and you can choose the best price option.

App Co-Creator Jim Young says the process began nearly a year ago and that the app is still being tweaked.

Founder and CEO Terence McEnally of Greenville says the app is working pretty much as it should at this point.

"It's a process," says McEnally. "We have it now at a point where it's pretty streamlined. It works pretty well for what we want it to be at this point in time. Where we want to go down the road will probably take a few months for us to get it there."

Each attorney has to submit their Bar certification to the site before they're added as a legitimate bidder.