North Topsail Beach estimates dune repairs at $15.5 million

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After lifting their State of Emergency status on Tuesday, the Town of North Topsail Beach held a press conference Wednesday morning to update the area on the extent of damage there.

Assistant Town Manager Carin Faulkner said their 11 miles of coastline suffered dune loss and dune breaches, but that no structural damage is reported. Heavy rains and storm surge caused some flooding and high tides that washed away steps leading from homes down to the beach.

Crews were out along the beaches Wednesday, removing debris and fixing the sand bag revetment at the North End.

The town is now looking ahead at costs as they repair these damages.

"We're still early in the nor'easter season and nor'easters are what cause the most damage to our dune system," says Faulker. "Just seeing if there is anything we can do to prevent further damage to our dune line."

Faulkner says there was significantly less damage to areas of the coast that completed beach restoration.

The North End is a unique area and still suffers from erosion which is why the sandbag revetment was put in place as a temporary solution. It's meant to provide a buffer between the homes and the ocean, and crews continue their work to stabilize that area.

The town says recent damage to the dunes amounts to approximately $15.5 million dollars. They are hoping to dredge again this winter and put some of that sand back on the beach.

The project will take time to complete due to financial and permitting restraints.


A state of emergency has been lifted for North Topsail Beach, while the town says they received over 13 inches of rain in five days.

No major structural damage to homes or buildings happened in the town, while more than 100 dune crossovers were damaged.

The town reports its shoreline and dune system was significantly impacted by the storm, with several breaches and significant dune loss along the town's 11 miles of shoreline.

A parking lot built earlier this year on River Road lost some 12 additional feet due to the storm.

North Topsail says standing water remains on some roads and they expect that to recede over the next several days.