Heat Lamps Used To Keep Pets Warm Spark 3 Recent House Fires

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Trying to keep your outdoor pet warm overnight has proven to be a major fire risk for some pet owners in the past few weeks. Monday, a home on Summerhaven Drive in Greenville marked the third fire in the last month in eastern carolina caused by a lamp used to provide heat for an outdoor dog or cats.

Thanksgiving night, a home on Avalon Lane in Greenville caught fire. A neighbor we spoke with says the man who lives there keeps a 60-watt bulb plugged in with an extension cord on his porch, where he also keeps his 3 cats.

November 10th in Deep Run in Lenoir County, a heat lamp fell over onto a dog-bed in a doghouse, causing that home to catch fire. Greenville Fire-Rescue has some advice for pet owners to stop the trend.

"Anything that's going to generate heat needs 3 feet of clearance around it, so it can't catch anything on fire that is combustible: bedding, drapes," said Greenville Fire-Rescue Battalion Chief Shannon Terry.

Fortunately, we're told there were no injuries in any of the three fires.

Firefighters say a dog house heat lamp started a fire that burned a fence and the outside of a duplex Monday morning.

Greenville Fire/Rescue got the call to Summer Haven Drive shortly after 6:00 a.m.

An assistant fire marshal determined that the heat lamp in the dog house was too close to combustibles.

No one was home at the time, and firefighters managed to extinguish the fire in the attic before it could spread to the other unit.

Firefighters were able to remove the family pet from harm as well.

The fire department reminds everyone to keep anything that can catch fire at least three feet away from heating equipment.

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One local neighborhood was jammed with fire trucks and ambulances early Monday, responding to a fire.

Greenville Fire-Rescue crews were called to the home at 1989 Summerhaven Dr. just after 6 a.m. Summerhaven is just off Fire Tower Rd., near the intersection with Corey Rd.

Officials say a fire was reported on a fence that was moving towards a home. Neighbors told WITN's Carly Swain they could see the flames from a few houses away.

No injuries were reported.

We will let you know what else we learn about this fire today.