Meet the woman behind the frozen Jeep picture

More than likely you've seen the picture, at least once or twice, of the frozen Jeep front in the Vidant Medical Center parking lot.

After all, it was Facebook's top trending story nationwide on Friday--two days after first appearing on WITN.

Now meet the woman who took that photograph.

Kimberly Freeman is a clinical dietician at the East Carolina Heart Institute.

Tuesday afternoon she was walking to her car after work with a friend when she first spotted what was left of a frozen Jeep front. Freeman says at first she thought she was seeing a mirage, and then she snapped a few pictures with her iPhone.

After some encouragement from her friend, Freeman decided to share the photo with WITN. It didn’t take long after that before it became viral.

"I'm overwhelmed. To me it's just a really cool picture I shared with a few people and now I'm hearing from everyone that it's gone viral. I think it's crazy," Freeman told us Friday afternoon.

Not only has her photo been used by networks and other news outlets worldwide, Freeman says Jeep has reached out to use her unusual photograph.

Another Vidant employee, Terry Costakis, sent us a second photograph of the frozen grill taken around the same time as Freeman's. His information helped us confirm the validity of the two photographs as well as provide a possible explanation.

So far, no one knows who the owner of the actual Jeep is.